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From Our Clients

“When we had the privilege of meeting and working with the developer of Palmetto Pointe on Lake Murray in Columbia SC, it was clear that there is no other place I’d rather live than in Palmetto Pointe ... If you want to have your dream come true to live in luxury with a smooth experience in buying and building, I can only recommend this unbelievable opportunity as I have had. There’s no place like home!”

- Jan A., The Palmetto Pointe

“The company went to great lengths to preserve the natural setting during the [Palmetto Pointe] development process. That, as well as the company’s close attention to the diverse environmental issues that could potentially affect the lakeside ecosystem were deciding factors in my decision to purchase the property. Dean and Doug’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are perfect examples of how a business should treat their clients. Thank you for your guidance and assistance in finding me the right property in the right location and at the right price—you made me feel like family.”

- Wilma S., The Palmetto Pointe

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